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I was born in Gela (Sicily - Italy) in February 14, 1981 where I studied at the Secondary Grammar School "Eschilo"; After getting the graduation in humanistic studies I moved to Rome to complete in 2007 my studies in Social Communication Sciences at "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

I have always had a strong passion for photography but it was only in Rome when I began taking greater and greater interst in this art; there I bought my first Reflex Camera, in 2000.

After a period of landscape photography I continued my work as a portraitist which led me to a constant pursuit of the perfection hidden in the human body.
My friendship with Maurizio Vittori and the useful help of a teacher, Mr Giovanni Chiaramonte, have paved my way to the artistic photography.

Since 2006 I have been in the membership of the well renowned FORUM of Italian photography IFotografi.it

I live between Milan and Rome.

My website numbers more than 100 guests each day and about 11.500 pages visualized each month; an estimation of my photos has been underlinded by professional photographers and by well-known such as FuoriOrbita.com (a famous freelance editor who promote yourg artists), Photographers.it (the most important photography web portal in Italy), LiberaEva.com (magazine online on eros who dedicated two issues and an interview), Fotografionline.com (another big Italian web portal for photography), FreshNude.net (most important international website for nude art photography), Photographysites.com (a famous international web portal of photography).

Among the reviews of my photos I am very proud to mention the one by Mr. Giorgio Rigon, a qualified Art and Photography Critic, at the gallery "Backstage".